We provide the funding, while you design your outcomes

Tāmata Hauhā provides all the funding and ongoing management while the landowner provides the land and designs their own outcomes.

We see carbon purely as an enabler and will work in genuine partnership with the landowner, supporting you on your pathway. A path that will hopefully highlight complimentary investment and diversity opportunities on the back of the forestry or solar success.

Our partnership with you offers the long-term benefits at no cost to you whilst also creating improved biodiversity outcomes.

Te Ara – The Pathway

– The Discussion

Let´s talk about your aspirations for the land – how we can use carbon as an enabler to make your wider aspirations a reality.

Mahi Ngātahi
– The Partnership

Together we create a strategy and plan to ensure we are supporting the wider needs of the family, as well as additional activities on the land.

Mahi Kaupapa
– The Project

We move forward together in a true partnership with you providing the land, and us providing the capital investment.

Te Hauhake
– The Harvest

We manage the carbon, and partner with the landowner in sharing the profits.


Restoring our land, strengthening our people, investing in our wellbeing