Getting started


Shaking of hands

Shaking of hands

If the outcomes of the discussion and the options coming from the carbon check are agreeable to yourself as the landowner, then the following process will take place:

Step 1.

Tāmata Hauhā will sign a provisional agreement as a letter of intent, clearly setting out the process moving forward. These letters of intent are not legally binding and have been developed for greater clarity and putting our discussions on paper.

Step 2.

Once all parties are happy with this agreement then a contract will be developed with a short-term lease sought over the plantable area. This lease lasts only until the planting is complete and then approval for the next stage will be sought.

Step 3.

Once the planting of the land is complete, Tāmata Hauhā will seek a forestry right for the partnership period, giving us the ability to enter the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and giving us the authority to manage the forestry and the carbon credit units generated on your behalf.

Step 4.

The carbon credit units (NZU) will then be traded on the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) secondary market. Those who purchase carbon credits in this market are emitters and at-risk companies. During the period of this agreement, landowners will receive all the transaction details of the carbon credits traded to ensure Tāmata Hauhā management is fully transparent.


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