About us


Restoration of Māori lands

Tāmata Hauhā was established to help restore the land, its people and their prosperity – he whenua, he tangata, he taurikura.

We work with you, the Māori landowners, providing you with strategies and practical funding to develop your land-holdings into productive assets. For Tāmata Hauhā, it is our way of applying tamitanga whakamuri!

Our staff are all Māori landowners and understand the struggles and shortage of suitable finance to develop the whenua. As such, we operate in a space that traditional financial institutions ignore, and where we believe the greatest need is.

We utilise the Emissions Trading Scheme to generate finance required for land- development projects. We see carbon as an enabler for where whanau and landowners will want to go. It is the backbone of what we do and it provides cashflow needed to make things happen.

Our partnership with you offers the long-term benefits of planting trees for the carbon market or for production forestry. Our profit-share arrangement eliminates all risk for yourself and provides you with sustainable funding that generates significant returns. These returns enable you to begin to accrue back what has been lost over past decades through lack of any real funding and development strategies.

Tāmata Hauhā manages the whole project on behalf of yourself, and can provide ongoing options to ensure that your whenua is being looked after for the long-term. We provide the finance for purchasing and planting the trees, we prepare the land and plant the trees and we manage the forests created. We carry out all the administration, all the paper work and the dealings with Government departments and the liaising with land-ownership groups.

Tāmata Hauhā – we utilise carbon credits to create further land-development opportunities for you – the Māori landowner.


Restoring that which was lost

Our kaupapa and focus is unashamedly for the restoration of the whenua, its people, and their prosperity – using carbon forestry as the waka!

We work with you, the Māori land owner, providing you with strategies and practical funding to develop un-productive land-holdings into productive assets. We aim to provide you with support right across the whenua to connect up and help you realise your aspirations. With a team that have had careers in best-land use, we can work with you to ensure that only the right lands are planted and you are able to create opportunities for employment – bringing our rangatahi home!

While the Government and other agencies may offer opportunities to Māori to participate across the sector, their offerings fall short of providing real benefits for Māori landowners, with most failing to encompass or invest in the areas of genuine need (or are too constrained to create long term sustainable employment).

We see carbon as the enabler and will work in genuine partnership with you, supporting you on the path. A path that will hopefully highlight complimentary investment and diversity opportunities on the back of the forestry success.

The return from the carbon investment addresses the issue of lack-of-capital and ‘actually-doing-stuff funding’ for Māori. We see carbon being the backbone and cashflow needed for things to happen.

All that we at Tāmata Hauhā do and aspire to, is reflected in our tohu (logo), the three circular units representing ‘he whenua, ‘he tāngata’ and ‘he taurikura’. And just as the molecular structure of CO2 mirrors the linking of the carbon and oxygen molecules, so too are the whenua and the taurikura linked back to tāngata whenua as they should be; not distant or disconnected as they have been in recent history.

When displayed in the grey tones, our tohu represents for us the strength of steel and being galvanised into action and affirming our co-dependency on each other.

Tāmata Hauhā understands the need to align to your aspirations and to work with you to provide opportunities to generate significant returns from your land. In the long term, we see this as a mechanism that will inspire us to grow and acquire lands that were lost!


The Tāmata Hauhā whānau

While the Tāmata Hauhā team has a background with MPI Māori Agribusiness, we have no political affiliations that will get in the way of working directly with landowners. We have stepped out to work in the private sector with strategies focused on Māori landowners being able to realise the forestry/carbon opportunities available to facilitate the development of their land.

Our staff are all Māori landowners and understand the struggles and shortage of suitable finance to develop the whenua. We operate in a space that traditional financial institutions ignore and where we believe the greatest need is.

We are, in every sense, truly independent. We are able to be bold about the kaupapa, fierce in our determination and exercise a level of passion for this kaupapa that is unapologetic in its support for Māori.

Blair Jamieson


Hailing from Orewa with Te Rarawa and Ngapuhi decent, Blair brings a diverse range of experiences and outlooks from the primary sector, with an absolute passion for diversifying land-use. Blair has been able to bring his hard-earned experiences to the establishment of Tāmata Hauhā. His background in water quality, land management and years spent alongside Māori landowners has given him a valuable understanding of the opportunities the whenua affords. These experiences have confidently established his outlook and determination to support whanau finding investment that lead to prosperity.

Lance Iwikau


As a former Manawatu Dairy Farmer and MPI Māori Agribusiness Advisor & Forestry Auditor, Lance has brought a wide range of practical skills and thinking to Tāmata Hauhā. His experience working with the primary sector and years spent with Māori landowners has given Lance a genuine and very real understanding of the opportunities as well as issues surrounding Māori land. Lances’ passion for the carbon opportunity stems from our kaupapa, and the desire to see Māori positioned to buy back the whenua which was lost.


Te kohinga ara – connecting our pathways

In order to ensure that the carbon and forestry opportunity can be realised by Māori landowners, Tāmata Hauhā has partnered with investors who fully support our kaupapa and our aspirations, walking alongside us through this journey.

As we are in every sense truly independent, we are able to be bold about the kaupapa, fierce in our determination and unrelenting in our pursuit of outcomes for Māori.